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Creativity informs
everything you think,
feel and do.

Mini Coaching Package

If you already know this is the investment for you, schedule your VIP Radiant Creativity Package below.

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Creativity for Success

Creativity is the most important ingredient for success.
Geniuses in business, art, invention and social movements all know how to harness their creativity and visionary thinking.
YOU can learn the proven strategies of creative thinking and apply them with ease.
Are you a women with a busy life, climbing the career ladder and taking care of others?
Feel disconnected from your authentic self?
Wondering why you are not advancing?

A VIP coaching package provides Clarity, Purpose, Focus and access to your Authentic, Creative Self. This boutique package allows you to create your own VIP day to progress faster in one day than you could ever imagine.

Self-confidence, powerful business presence, problem solving, value-based women’s leadership, authentic self expression, career excellence, harnessing strengths, zone of genius.

VIP package includes: one hour pre-VIP consultation, breakfast and lunch, snacks, gorgeous work location, and the tools you need for the day, two follow up calls and access via text for the two weeks before and after your VIP day. Book yourself one or two days for the best investment you ever made in yourself.
One Day $7,000
Two Days $11,200
(save 20% when you book two days – a savings of $2,800)
(You are responsible for your own airfare and hotel.)

Coaching offered online, at my San Francisco retreat center, or other locations by arrangement.

⭐️ Details: Email to book a 30 minute complementary consultation.

Your ability to harness and apply creative thinking determines your success in all aspects of your life.

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Individual Retreat in Paris

Looking for the group Paris trip? Click here!

Creativity is the missing ingredient.
Spend 3-5 days in the city of lights to harness your creativity and visionary thinking. Focusing on your authentic, creative self, interpersonal connection, and utilize the power of creative rest to move into your zone of genius.

YOU can learn the proven strategies of creative thinking and apply them with ease. Spend each day working with me in your zone of genius and cultivating the art of creative rest in the city of lights. Your afternoons and evenings are at your leisure, devoted to exquisite dining, visiting world-class museums and shopping, music, dance and beauty.
VIP 3 days
VIP package includes: two pre-VIP online meetings, gorgeous meeting locations in Paris, breakfast and lunch each day, museum visit, art and creativity exercises, all the supplies you need, two follow up calls and access via text for the two months before and after your Paris VIP experience.
VIP 5 days
Includes all of the above plus: additional consultations before and after the trip, a personalized report of your unique creativity formula, a pre-trip consultation with stylist in Paris, an in-person private styling and shopping experience in Paris, photo shoot with award winning Paris photographer, trip to fashion museum, and three months of membership in the Modern Creative Woman.
*You are responsible for your own airfare, hotel and dinners. I can make recommendations on flights and help you arrange accommodations near my flat in Montmartre.*

Paris VIP Individual three days $9,000
Paris VIP Individua five days $13,000 (save $2000)
Generous discounts for couples and friend groups.

⭐️ Details: Email to book a 30 minute complementary consultation.

Creative thinking is the driving force behind all scientific, social and creative advancement.