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Welcome to The Modern Creative Woman, a place where women like you can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

We understand that you’re seeking more in life, yearning to express yourself authentically, cultivate meaningful relationships, and live with purpose while shedding the weight of societal expectations.

At The Modern Creative Woman, your journey begins with embracing your unique creativity and channeling it into every aspect of your life, from your presence and mindset to your relationships and purpose.

Creativity expert, Dr. Amy Backos is an award winning professor, author and speaker. With 26+ years experience as a board certified art therapist and psychologist, she pairs personal growth with the creative process so women can live and love with purpose.

Why Choose
The Modern Creative Woman?

  • Expert Guidance: You deserve to give yourself kindness, attention and self-care. The Modern Creative Women offers proven strategies, ensuring that you receive the guidance that aligns with your journey.
  • Lasting Impact: Our mission is to create lasting impacts in your life. We measure our success not only by the achievements reached during our collaboration but also by the continued growth and fulfillment you experience long after our time together.
  • Empowering Community: Joining The Modern Creative Woman means becoming part of a supportive community of like-minded women who understand and celebrate your journey. Together, we uplift and inspire each other to embrace our authenticity and make a positive impact. Creating a better world is part of our mission.

“We must create…it’s in our biology.”

-Dr. Amy Backos

Membership Includes

*A vibrant community of women
*Three Zoom classes a month (join live or watch later)
*Monthly workbook to guide you
*Access to The Modern Creative Woman archives
(45+ hours of video & reference slides & 13 workbooks
(a $1261 value)
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Log in three times a month to join a dynamic group of women prioritizing their creative and authentic lives. Download your monthly workbook and set the month’s intentions for your presence, mindset and purpose.
20 minutes a day is all it takes to start your creative evolution.

Each month includes relevant and engaging lessons, creative expression, and evidence-based mindfulness. Over time, you will discover you are more “in the moment” and less “in your head.” With the simple art and expressive exercises, you will notice you are thinking more creatively, easily solving problems, and relating to yourself and others in kinder and more appreciative ways.

What Women are Saying

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Self care

I felt overwhelmed as many areas of my life were unstable or fluctuating. I was emotionally and mentally exhausted despite feeling like I was doing self care. I was burnt out, trying my best, but crumbling. In Amy’s workshop, I learned the impact of mindset and intention as well as presence in the moment. One specific piece of wisdom I took was regarding values; that we should live in line with our identified values even in everyday choices. I now make an effort to be present in the moment which has greatly helped me change how I view self care.


art therapist
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Great teacher

Dr. Backos is a great teacher. She uses creative exercises that opened me up to new parts of myself. Even though I am not an “artist,” the art exercises are great for reflection and I feel my creativity has grown. Amy’s real-world, relatable examples helped me master the content. I enjoy working in the workbooks she provides – a great way to extend the learning at my own pace. I’m so pleased and I will be taking her future courses


legal consultant
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Enriched my life

Since joining the MCW, I have felt more confident, emotionally intelligent, and tapped into my creativity. I feel more committed to waking up to a life I love. I am becoming a more disciplined and committed person. These classes have enriched my life and I am grateful for the increased creativity I have found in motherhood as well.


dancer, mom
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I highly recommend

I was curious about Dr. Amy Backos’ work and decided to sign up for her Rest & Rejuvenate Workshop during the busiest month of my career (to date). I felt rushed, and really didn’t have time – but each week, her calm and artful delivery of researched and remarkable wisdom changed me. I learned the value of self-compassion; and saw how rest boosted my joy and productivity. The tools she gave us for stacking habits and increasing simple pleasures were profound. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!


jewelry artist, author
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Everything is easier

I felt stuck. Being stressed made it hard for me to be decisive. I was miserable and not at my best. Everything changed because Amy helped me. She taught me how time-tested and proven best practices work for me. With her guidance and leadership, I stopped looking outside myself for inspiration. I tap into my creativity to get what I desire anytime I want. I am so happy, more positive, and grateful! 

Dr. Tanetha

eloquence master coach, advisor to high end luxury