The Modern Creative Women & Girl Boss present

The Paris Retreat

Your Glow Up Awaits!
Picture yourself in the heart of Paris, surrounded by a community of empowered women, all on a quest to discover their truest selves.

The Modern Creative Woman & Girl Boss Paris are committed to providing more than just a boutique travel experience; we offer you profound transformation.

Your Unique Experience in Paris
✨ Clarify your creative vision
✨ Eliminate confusion in your brand
✨ Solidify your authentic style
✨ Cultivate your unique voice
✨ Remove confused thinking and procrastination
✨ Become mistress of your strengths
✨ Captivate yourself (and others too!)

What Sets This Retreat Apart?

1. Luxury Workshops in Paris: Immerse yourself in five carefully crafted workshops designed to unlock your creative potential, redefine your style, and cultivate inner confidence. Paris becomes your canvas for self-discovery.

2. Personalized Pre-Journey Coaching: Three intimate group coaching calls will build a supportive community before you even touch down in Paris. Share your aspirations, connect with like-minded women, and set the stage for a journey that goes beyond the ordinary.

3. Bespoke Individual Consultations: Enjoy two one-on-one consultations focused on your creativity, strengths, and style. Our experts include an art therapist/psychologist and a personal development coach/MBA, and we are dedicated to understanding your unique essence, ensuring your retreat is a tailored experience just for you.

4. Your Treasure Hunt to Authenticity: This retreat isn’t just a getaway; it’s a treasure hunt for the most authentic version of yourself. Every workshop, coaching call, and consultation is a step closer to unveiling your inner radiance, leaving you transformed and inspired.

BONUS Modern Creative Woman Membership: As a cherished participant, you gain a complimentary six-month membership to our exclusive Modern Creative Woman online program. Extend the Parisian magic into your everyday life, nurturing your creativity and growth from the comfort of your home.

Watch the Info Session Replay here!

Download “Treasure Hunt at Home & in Paris” PDF

Text says: To be a Parisian is not about being born in Paris, it is about being reborn there. A quote from Sacha Guitry.
Picture of paris street scenes: a road and house, Eiffel tower, L'arc de Triumph.

Watch the Art & Science of Style here!

Paris, the city of love and inspiration, has been the muse of countless artists throughout history. Now, it’s your turn to walk in the footsteps of the great masters and discover your own creative brilliance from the inside out. Led by a team of renowned experts in creativity, style, and mindset, this exclusive trip is designed to help you explore, create, and embrace your unique, authentic voice.

There is no limit to success when your outside beautifully mirrors your inside. Exclusive Parisian Treasure Hunt: Immerse yourself in 5 days of a life-altering treasure hunt through the enchanting streets of Paris. Let us guide you toward an inner and outer transformation that will leave you utterly radiant.

Quote says: American is my country and Paris is my home town." A quote by Gertrude Stein.
Picture of paris street scenes: riffle tower and Moulin Rouge windmill.

In Paris, you become the Modern, Creative Woman you always wanted to be.

set says: "its Paris...everyone is serious about dinner." A quote from Mindy, Emily in Paris. 
Picture of Paris street scenes: a woman at a cafe, pastries, and tea.

What You Can Look Forward to…

*5 transformative days in Paris.
*High Tea in a Luxury Location.
*Delightful culinary experience with a master chef.
*5 intimate workshops on style, art, and branding.
*Paris inspired Art Therapy and your own artist tools.
*Professional Photo Shoot – Individual & Group.
*Celebration cruise and dinner on the Seine.
*Plenty of time to enjoy Paris at your own pace.

*Parisian Treasure Hunt.
*Authenticate your unique style/brand.
*5 Enticing Petit Déjeuner.
*Three online meetings to meet the others on the trip.
*Strengths Assessment: Pre-trip individual meeting with Amy.
*Style Consultation: Pre-trip individual meeting with Aurora.
*Detailed written reports on Strengths and Style.
* And more!

Six month membership in the Modern Creative Woman online creativity coaching (value $582)

Also Included before Paris
3 Intimate Group Coaching Calls & 2 Bespoke Individual Consultations

Not included in cost of the trip
flight, hotel, lunches and three dinners, shopping & souvenirs

text that says" La vie en rose. it is the french way of saying I am looking at the world through rose colored glasses" a quote from Audrey Hepburn.
A pitted of Paris street scenes - the eiffel tower, the metro and a market.

Dates of Your Parisian Experience
June 3 – 7, 2024

Hotel Royal Madeline

Text says "to study in Paris is to be born in Paris with a picture of french flag and a Paris street scene.

Your Investment In Yourself
$12,000 value
Your trip includes two individual and three group coaching meetings before Pais, five luxury workshops in Paris, the events mentioned above. Choose the best package for you. Pay in full for the best optionsChoice Luxury gives you the most options.

1. Choice Luxury
Most popular and flexible to arrange your own hotel (stay with us or someplace nearby).
2. Shared Luxury Room
3. Private Luxury Room

By registering for this trip, you agree to these terms and conditions.

picture of a domes archway in Paris

picture of the louve museum in paris

Spread your payment out over 3 months. Make your deposit now and we will contact you to plan future payments.

By registering for this trip, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Text says: I know so much is going to happen here, but I just don't know how. It feels like Paris is full of so many adventures just waiting to be had!" A quote from Rachel Kapelke-Dale.
Pictures of Paris, the love, the cityscape, a bridge, and a sign that says Paris

Your Hostesses
Dr. Amy Backos and Aurora Davoli each bring you decades of experience in creativity, style, art, branding, and authenticity. Both have led many curated international group excursions, so you are sure to have an amazing experience with unique, artistic touches.

Dr Backos in a blue dress, sitting on a chair smiling.

Dr. Backos lives in San Francisco, teaching the art and science of creativity. An award winning professor and author with books translated into three languages, she brings a unique eye for how art and creativity can enhance your authenticity. Her dream is to make the world a better place through creativity for women around the globe.

Ms Davoli  in a red beret smiling

Ms. Davoli lives in Paris, offering connections for luxury accommodations, dining and shopping, as only a local can! She brings you behind-the-scenes knowledge from her decades in the fashion industry, coupled with her training in coaching and skill in authentic styling and personal branding.


Picture of a church in Nicaragua

My trip to Nicaragua, co-led by Dr. Backos, turned out to be more powerful than I could have expected. There was so much intention placed into reflection and creativity, engaging with the local community in a thoughtful and meaningful way, and offering the group participants opportunities for growth and learning. Dr. Backos put an effort to make a connection with each of the participants, was available to address any needs, challenge us to step out of our comfort zones, and foster meaningful relationships among the group. Her style made the trip feel like just the right balance of support, challenge, and growth – I often reflect on that experience as one that continues to influence the way I move through the world.
-Janet C.

Picture of a beach in Nicaragua

I attended two international group trips with Dr. Backos in Central America. Dr. Backos is a phenomenal leader. She developed space for reflective dialogue with like minded individuals and also inspired me to question the beliefs and limitations that had me feeling stuck. Through immersive experiences, Dr. Backos posed questions to ponder through writing and art making which helped shape my identity as a psychotherapist and an artist. I highly recommend this program!
-Amy H.