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Join the 21 Day Gratitude Challenge!

Make your contribution to peace…both inside and out. This 46 page workbook is packed with writing, art and a challenge each day to express your gratitude. Free and copy right free – share with your friends, family, students and clients.

The Modern Creative Woman

This completely unique monthly program teaches proven strategies to build your creative muscle, enhance your creative thinking, and build new and fun ways of engaging with your life. Affordably priced and packed with value.

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the louve museum in Paris

Treasure Hunt in Paris

Paris is the muse of countless artists throughout history. Now, it’s your turn to discover your own creative brilliance. Led by a team of renowned experts in creativity, style, and mindset, this exclusive trip is designed to help you explore, create, and embrace your unique, authentic voice.

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Coaching Packages

Bringing the best of evidence based psychology, these high value programs build your creativity and confidence as well as stronger relationships and career excellence. In one week, you will begin implementing proven strategies for lasting change.