The Modern Creative Woman Webinar

Creating Your Vibrant Vision

woman in a black coat in a park

Clarify and Realize Your Creative Vision

Transform Your Life from Stuck to Unstoppable!

Tap into YOUR Creativity

Craft Your Vibrant Vision for the Future

Get ready to Create!

Expand your vision for the future.
Bend time” to explore your future.
Craft your vivid vision.
Practice creative thinking.
Grow into your creative potential.
Make expressive art!

water color in pink and blue, abstract art

tubes of acrylic paint, blue and purple

Come for the Fun!

One of a kind workshop
Tools for crafting your vivid vision
BONUS: PDF collage art materials
Win Prizes when you attend live!

Creativity will happen!

Who is this workshop for?

Creating Your Path is for any woman seeking to enhance their life—seeking more joy, fulfillment, and clarity. Whether you’re familiar with Dr. Amy’s teachings or new to creativity and art therapy, this workshop is for you. All you need is pen and paper, curiosity, and an open heart…no art skills required!

yellow and red paint on canvas

Experience Mind Blowing Results by taping into Your Creativity

What Women are Saying

With creativity teaching from Dr. Amy, I feel more confident, emotionally intelligent and tapped into my creativity. I feel more committed and now wake up to a life I love. I am more creative in mothering too!

Dr. Amy’s calm and artful delivery of research and artful delivery changed me. I learned the value of self compassion & saw how joy and rest boosted my productivity.

I felt stuck and indecisive. With Dr. Amy’s guidance, I stopped looking outside myself for inspiration. She taught me how time-tested & proven strategies could work for me. I am happier and grateful.

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Your Facilitator

Creativity expert, Dr. Amy Backos, is a licensed psychologist and registered and board-certified art therapist who has been helping women live bold, creative lives through neuroaesthetics, art therapy, and creative thinking.

With three decades of experience, she takes the mystery out of the creative process so you can start each day feeling empowered, creative, and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Dr. Amy is the founder of The Modern Creative Woman, inspiring women to use make their every-day-lives more meaningful and joyful through creativity.